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Best Family

Raygen and I have known each other sense we were young teenagers, we attended the same church, the same school and we both have a passion for Dog. It wasn't until years later when Raygen and I started dating  which lead to our marriage in 2013!!! To this day our goal is to better the breed, we always look for new ways to improve this amazing breed by only breeding champion dogs with , OFA hips, elbow, and eyes certification.  

     Raygen has been handling dogs sense she was 12 years old. While young to the dog show world Raygen had the privilege of working with  top handlers in the state. Each handler helped Raygen  along her path to becoming an amazing handler. To this day she has finished all of our samoyeds and put owner handler group wins and breed points on our dogs we take pride and are thankful to the judges for there picks in the ring.